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Off the Radar travel destinations – Cape Verde

Meet the first of the travellers on our Off the Radar Travel Destinations – a new series of posts I am starting on our website, to highlight amazing off the beaten track destinations experienced by adventurous travellers.  I love coming across such travellers, especially ones who are doing it with their young families like we are!  Since they are not blogging about their travels, I get the privilege of interviewing and highlighting their awesome travels on our site 🙂



We have with us Sanadina, Christian and their (now) 4-year-old daughter Samsara. Having lived in Bangladesh, England, and Australia, travelled to more than 42 countries, Sanadina is quite the veteran in travelling! Both parents share the same wanderlust as we do and have adapted the newest member of their family into their travels 🙂

Samsara has already been to 19 countries, travelled to Cambodia when she was 10 months, to Bangladesh at 6 weeks and to Venice at 12 week!  She has also travelled to Malta, Bosnia, Croatia, Morocco, Egypt and many other remote and popular destinations with her parents. On a side note, she was born during the Red Shirt riots in Bangkok, with no power and living under a coup! Been on an exciting roller coaster ever since  🙂

This interview is on one of their more unusual travels – trip to Cape Verde, Africa



Last winter they spent 2 weeks in Cape Verde over Christmas and New Years. followed by a week in Portugal.  Showing my travel ignorance here (sorry) but I had no idea where Cape Verde was until they had mentioned it. For anyone else out there wondering, Cape Verde is an Archipelago of nine islands lying like a jewelled necklace off the coast of West Africa.

What made you chose Cape Verde for your winter holiday?

With temperatures from 24-27 degrees in the Spring/Summer season, and 22-25 degrees in the Autumn/Winter season, it was the perfect spot for having a beach holiday in winter! Our daughter (then 3) and both if us got to splash about and play in the waters everyday. While there are other warm destinations one can go to in the winter, we chose to go here – Cape Verde was cheap, there was absolutely no other tourists about, and everyone was super chilled and friendly. It was like having a whole island to ourselves!


Tell us a bit more about the destination itself – Where did you stay?

We stayed at Melia Resort in Sal Island. We stayed in one of their apartments – two bedroom, two bathroom for £50 a night. Over Christmas period as well!

What can one do there mostly?

Mostly chill by the beach and go swimming, the water is so warm. There are few bars but overall nightlife not that great. There is very little development here. It was perfect for us with a 3-year-old. Mostly ate, swam and strolled around the island. People are very friendly, it is not very touristy so no one tries to take advantage of you or sell you trinkets as they do in more popular beach destinations.

What kind of food did you have?

Cuisine was of Portuguese origin, lot of seafood. Our favourite food was fresh grilled fish. We saw the fish being brought in from the sea everyday. Food costs were usually about 5 Euros a meal. Very Cheap!

A few Snaps from our Travels 

IMG-20141110-WA0003 IMG-20141110-WA0004 IMG-20141110-WA0005 IMG-20141110-WA0007

Would you recommend Cape Verde to other people? In particular, would you recommend it for families?

Most definitely yes – if you are looking for a quiet family relaxing vacation, in a hot destination over peak Christmas holidays, (while on a budget!) this would be a great place. Nearest destination to London for swimming in winter!

Facts on Travelling to Cape Verde:

You can fly directly to Cape Verde from London, Manchester and Birmingham. You can also fly from numerous European cities (including Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Las Palmas) and from Boston, Dakar and Fortaleza.

People speak Portuguese there mainly and are of Portuguese origin.

What next for you guys?

Having just come back from 6 weeks in Bangladesh and 1 week in Sharm El Sheikh, we are now gearing up for the holiday of a lifetime –  two weeks in the northernmost part of Norway,in the middle of nowhere, with two hours of twilight and rest of the time in complete darkness – all in the hopes of seeing the Aurora Borealis!

Sanadina, Christian and Samsara, we wish you the best for your upcoming travels and look forward to sharing your stories here again 🙂

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    I’ve heard some great things about Cap Vert from other friends have visited. Seems beautiful and off the grid. Samsara is one lucky little girl!

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